What we are

Nute Digital is the multidisciplinary creative studio based at the heart of industrial sweden; Göteborg. We are visual communicators, problem solvers, information architects and feel-good junkies. Equipped to handle everything from web design & development, digital branding, film shoot and editing, to motion graphics.

Nute Digital was founded in 2010 to help X and Y brands to stay connected with their customers in the ever changing world of online media. We belive in advertising that reaches goals, has a purpose, but most important: advertising that has an audience.

We don’t have Flash Developers at Nute, as we don’t have Excel publishers or After Effects artists. In fact, we twist and turn uncomfortable at titles like that. We happen to excel in Excel, kick ass in Flash and dominate in After Effects, and we love it all, but we also happen to be good at, and love, a couple trillion other technologies. We believe in creative thinking, strategy, design and pushing the limits. Who's to say that this idea must be made in technology X or technology Y? 'Cos when it comes down to it, will the user we want to engage care?


Email: hello@nute.se
Office: +46 31 25 95 81
Visiting address: Brogatan 1, 413 01 Göteborg